Kleobis and Biton

Kleobis and Biton, 580 BC, signed by the Argive sculptor
 [Poly]medes and dedicated by the Argive people to Delphi.
When the mother of Kleobis and Biton, Cydippe, a priestess
had to be conveyed hastily to the temple of Hera in Argos,
during a festival, Kleobis and Biton were forced to draw the wagon
by themselves, because the oxen had not come back from the fields.
Running 45 stadia (5 miles) and arriving in time, they were praised
 and congratulated by the Argians, who witnessed the feat. Their
mother overjoyed, prayed to the goddess Hera to give them whatever
 is best to man. After the feast the youths lay down in the temple
 of Hera, slept and never woke.  




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